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A Pokémon IV/EV calculator.

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Author: Carlos Agarie
Author URL:
Project URL:
Version: 0.4
License: MIT License


ivCalc is an IV calculator for the Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, Heart Gold, Soul Silver, Black and White games. It provides ranges of possible IVs for a combination of level, nature, stats and base stats.

The calculator is using a somewhat naive method at the moment. But considering the current browser's JavaScript engines, I suppose you will be alright with whatever choice you have - that is, if you don't use Internet Explorer. (if you do, good luck)


This software is made in JavaScript (with minor uses of the jQuery library) and can be used from any browser that supports it. This version doesn't contain database information for pokemon attacks and stats. Also, you can use this calculator in your own projects, according to the license in use (MIT License).

Any issue or trouble can be emailed to me at:

With subject "Pokemon IV Calculator". Please, let me know if you find this project interesting in some way. :)

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