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You can call me Carlos Agarie (pronounced 'ah-ga-rii-eh'). In some online communities, I go by the name Onox. I'm a software engineer interested in modeling & simulations, statistics, machine learning and artificial [general] intelligence.

I'm currently living in São Paulo, Brazil and working for Geekie, an EdTech company applying several advances in education research, machine learning techniques and student modeling to online learning.

I also play pokémon.


I moved my blog from Jekyll to WordPress -- you can find it in


If you want to talk to me, the most certain way is through e-mail: carlos [at] I have accounts on some social networks too:

{% include social.html %}


This blog was created with Jekyll and the styling is based on the beautiful Brume theme by Aigars Dzerviniks. I've made various modifications to it and you can read the theme's license here

Everything (except my posts and, possibly, images) is open source and can be found at this repository.

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