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<<<<<<< HEAD Hack for playing from keybard

###You are of playing with your mouse? Why use all 5 fingers to eat your enemies when you can do it with just 4! is a short script that allows you to control your blob using the ESDF arrow keys in the popular browser game screenshot

How to use this agar hack?

  1. Check a demo here agario hack
  2. Go to
  3. Copy this code snippet: a=document.getElementById("canvas"),b=this.onkeydown,c=this.onkeyup,d=a.onmousemove,e=a.width/2,f=a.height/2,this.onkeydown=function(g){b(g),83!=g.keyCode||(e=-100000),68!=g.keyCode||(f=100000),69!=g.keyCode||(f=-100000),70!=g.keyCode||(e=100000),d({clientX:e,clientY:f})},this.onkeyup=function(g){c(g),83!=g.keyCode||(e=a.width/2),68!=g.keyCode||(f=a.height/2),69!=g.keyCode||(f=a.height/2),70!=g.keyCode||(e=a.width/2),d({clientX:e,clientY:f})},a.onmousemove=null,alert("You're ready to play with ESDF!");
  4. Paste it into your JavaScript Console and press enter.

Additional Notes

  • ESDF was chosen as the key layout over WASD due to the conflict of W already possbeing binded to an in-game ability.


  • Change key layout to WASD
  • Re-map the W ability to another key (E?, Mouse Click?) =======



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