Game developed in Unity using Leap Motion and Pebble.
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This game was built during the "Hackster Hardware Weekend - Washington DC Edition" organized by on 19 September 2015. Take a look at this project on the hackster website at

The game is developed in Unity. In the game, the player has to move a ball through an enclosed terrain consisting of multiple obstacles. The movement of the ball is controlled by the player's hand movements using tracking data from the Leap Motion Device.

The player can also interact with the ball by pressing buttons on the Pebble smart watch. For example the player can make the ball jump by pressing the “up” button on the Pebble watch.

The code in the current repository can be run inside Unity as follows:

  1. Download this repository as a zip.

  2. Extract the zip file to a folder "GameUsing-Leap-Pebble-master".

  3. Go to /GameUsing-Leap-Pebble-master/Assests/_Scenes/.

  4. Open BackupOne.unity.

  5. Play the game.

The code for logging click events from a Pebble watch can be found at the following link:

Instructions on how to run the code for logging Pebble click events are coming soon.