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removed depricated $.browser (jquery 1.9+) #39

wants to merge 3 commits into from

2 participants


I removed deprecated $.browser and replaced on navigator.userAgent


I also would also like to have this fixed, but when i looked at your code i noticed you did one thing wrong.
You changed indent so it is impossible to see any changes you actually made.
Diff shows every line has been changed.
I think that is because your PR will never be accepted.

@disc disc closed this
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Commits on Mar 18, 2013
  1. @disc

    Update jquery.autocomplete.js

    disc committed
    Replace using $.browser on navigator.userAgent
  2. @disc

    Update jquery.autocomplete.min.js

    disc committed
  3. @disc

    Update jquery.autocomplete.min.js

    disc committed
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