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// select text layer and run script
// it will split one text layer to several layers by linebreaks
// showcase:
doc = app.activeDocument;
layer = doc.activeLayer;
var text = layer.textItem.contents;
var textArray = text.split("\r");
var pos = layer.textItem.position;
var leading = 0;
if (layer.textItem.useAutoLeading){
leading = layer.textItem.size/100*Math.round(layer.textItem.autoLeadingAmount)
leading = Number(layer.textItem.leading)
layer.textItem.contents=textArray[0] = textArray[0]
for (var k=1; k<textArray.length;k++){
tmp = layer.duplicate();
tmp.textItem.position = [pos[0], pos[1]+(Number(leading)*k)]
tmp.textItem.contents = textArray[k];
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