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Generates classes containing Qt properties.

Quick Intro

Suppose we want to create a Person class, with firstName, lastName and birthDate properties.

First create a class definition file named person.yaml with the following content:

class: Person
    - name: firstName
      type: QString
    - name: lastName
      type: QString
    - name: birthDate
      type: QDateTime

Next, generate its header and implementation with qpropgen person.yaml

You can now use person.h and person.cpp in your code. The filenames are defined from the filename of the class definition.

Class definition syntax

A class definition must contain the following fields:

  • class: the name of the generated class.

  • properties: the list of properties (see below).

It may also contain the following fields:

  • includes: a list of files to include in the header.

  • baseClass: name of the class to inherit from. Defaults to QObject.

  • defaults: default values for some property attributes (see below).


properties is an array of property definitions.

A property definition must contain the following fields:

  • type
  • name

It may have the following fields:

  • access: Can be private or protected. Defines the access modifier for the generated member variables. Defaults to private.

  • mutability: One of constant, readonly, readwrite. Defaults to readwrite.

  • argType: The type of the setter argument. If not set qpropgen uses const refs for types which are not pointers and not known scalars (int, bool, qreal).

  • setterName: Name of the setter. Defaults to set<Name>, so the setter of a property named foo will be setFoo.

  • varName: Name of the variable backing the property. Defaults to m<Name>, so the variable of a property named foo will be mFoo.

  • impl: One of plain (getter and setter), virtual (virtual getter and setter) or pure (virtual pure getter and setter).

  • value: The default value of the property.


defaults can contain default values for properties. Of course some fields like name should not have a default.

For example you can define that all properties are of type qreal by default with:

    type: qreal

Build system integration

qpropgen comes with CMake support. Look at examples/CMakeLists.txt for details.