forked from bcurren/freshbooks.rb

FreshBooks API wrapper

Updated Feb 29, 2016


forked from nathanpitman/recently_viewed.mod.ee_addon

The Recently Viewed Module keeps a record of the weblog entries that have been recently viewed during the users current session even if the user is not registered or logged in and provides tags to display recently viewed weblog entries back to the user in your front end page templates.

Updated Mar 18, 2013


forked from doctrine/doctrine1

Doctrine 1 Object Relational Mapper

Updated Mar 4, 2013

JavaScript 0 65


forked from padolsey/findAndReplaceDOMText

A function to match (with regular expressions) and replace DOM text. Deals with nodes individually and works with cross-element-boundary matches!

Updated Jan 11, 2013

JavaScript 1 18


forked from miketaylr/jquery.datalist.js

Plugin to provide cross browser html5 datalist support

Updated May 30, 2012