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1.1.0 beta1 (June ??, 2009)
ADD: Improve hhvm compatibility (#1542) (Dominik)
ADD: Add AgaviTranslationManager::getMatchingLocaleIdentifiers() method (#1535) (Thomas Bachem)
ADD: Allow errors in validator_definition elements (#1497) (Steffen Gransow)
ADD: Add support for multiple option presets and mixed option/preset values (#1484) (Thomas Bachem)
ADD: Add validation depend tokens to validation report (#1486) (Steffen Gransow, Dominik)
ADD: BREAKING CHANGE: Allow 'translation_domain' attribute on <validators> (#1498) (Steffen Gransow, Dominik)
ADD: Allow all image formats supported by PHP in ImageFileValidator (#1480) (Thomas Bachem)
ADD: Support arbitrary "provides" and "depends" validator options with access to argument base parts (#1199) (David)
ADD: Allow calls to PHP functions in configuration file transformations (#1456) (David)
ADD: PSR-0 compatible namespaces autoloader (#1454) (David)
ADD: Allow validators to specify result code for exported data (#1453) (David)
ADD: Support "export_severity" validator parameter (#1565) (Thomas Bachem)
ADD: Allow validators to export to a different source (#1419) (David)
ADD: Automatically read from STDIN in AgaviConsoleRequest (#1437) (David)
ADD: Streams support in AgaviUploadedFile (#1449) (David)
ADD: Make filter chains and their filters accessible via an API (#1418) (David)
ADD: Allow MIME type checks in AgaviBaseFileValidator (#1342) (David)
ADD: Allow checking of MIME type in AgaviUploadedFile (#1407) (David)
ADD: Allow glob syntax for XIncludes in configuration files (#1406) (David)
ADD: Allow control over value literalization and whitespace handling in parameters and settings (#1389) (David)
ADD: AgaviHttpRedirectRoutingCallback (#1382, #1534) (David, Thomas Bachem)
ADD: Improve the build system for actions, views and models (#1106) (Felix)
ADD: Allow array syntax for slot names (#1110) (David)
ADD: Add support for custom filesystem layouts for modules to the project configuration system (#874) (Noah)
ADD: Response attributes (#1062) (David, TANAKA Koichi)
ADD: Add AgaviJsonValidator (#1566) (Thomas Bachem)
ADD: Add "forms_xpath" setting to AgaviFormPopulationFilter (#1527) (Thomas Bachem)
ADD: Add "cookie_encoding_callback" parameter to AgaviWebResponse (#1482) (Thomas Bachem)
ADD: Add getLevel() method to AgaviLogger and AgaviILogger (#1507) (Peter Limbach, Thomas Bachem)
CHG: Make AgaviXmlConfigParser::xinclude() use native sorting for glob (#1476) (Thomas Bachem)
CHG: Improve AgaviFormPopulationFilter's "log_parse_errors" setting to handle severities (#1481) (Thomas Bachem)
CHG: Improve AgaviFormPopulationFilter's error message callbacks (#1528) (Thomas Bachem, Steffen Gransow)
CHG: Ensure deterministic ordering of Tests (#1532) (Dominik)
CHG: Remove custom command line argument parsing from test runner (#1514) (Dominik)
CHG: Remove overwritten PHPUnit process isolation template (#1516) (Dominik)
CHG: Bump PHPUnit requirement to >= 3.7 (#1519) (Dominik)
CHG: Initialize Agavi on demand when used with composer (#1518) (Dominik)
CHG: Check process isolation settings for tests (#1517) (Dominik)
CHG: BREAKING CHANGE: Disable automatic process isolation in unittests (#1515) (Dominik)
CHG: Refactor instantiation of Actions and Views (#1398) (David)
CHG: Remove unlinking of temporary files in AgaviUploadedFile destructor (#1452) (David)
CHG: Overhaul default values in AgaviUploadedFile constructor (#1451) (David)
CHG: Move cleanup and wrapping of uploaded files from AgaviWebRequestDataHolder to AgaviWebRequest (#1450) (David)
CHG: Exit by default in AgaviTesting::dispatch() (#1446) (David)
CHG: Refactor request input handling to avoid disk writes (#1412) (David)
CHG: Deprecate support for property access in AgaviUploadedFile (#1408) (David)
CHG: Deprecate AgaviFilter::executeOnce() (#1410) (David)
CHG: Deprecate support for PHPTAL versions older than 1.2 in AgaviPhptalRenderer (#1416) (David)
CHG: Deprecate support for Doctrine versions older than 1.2 in AgaviDoctrineDatabase (#1414) (David)
CHG: Remove call overload and ArrayObject usage from AgaviUploadedFile (#1287) (David)
CHG: Remove AgaviCreoleDatabase (#1379) (David)
CHG: Remove support for Propel versions before 1.3 from AgaviPropelDatabase (#1381) (David)
CHG: Deprecate support for register_long_arrays (#1403) (David)
CHG: Deprecate support for magic_quotes_gpc (#1402) (David)
CHG: Make AgaviXmlConfigXsltProcessor generic and move it to util package (#1354) (David)
CHG: Make AgaviXmlConfigSchematronProcessor generic and move it to util package (#1355) (David)
CHG: Bump configuration namespaces to version 1.1 (#1385) (David)
CHG: Remove AgaviCreoleSessionStorage (#1380) (David)
CHG: Remove AgaviAdodbDatabase (#1375) (David)
CHG: Use bcrypt for password hashing in Sample Application (#1371) (David)
CHG: Do not throw exception in AgaviWebResponse if headers already sent (#1358) (David)
CHG: Make AgaviReturnArrayConfigHandler an AgaviXmlConfigHandler and add namespace awareness (#1277) (David)
CHG: Move loading of autoload.xml into Agavi::bootstrap() (#1206) (David)
CHG: Add response to default template assigns (#1095) (David)
CHG: Move all includes necessary for startup from Agavi::boostrap() into agavi.php (#1094) (David)
CHG: AgaviException::getFixedTrace() now also fixes empty traces and traces with a missing file entry (#1572) (Thomas Bachem)
FIX: Fix/remove unused/undefined variables and properties in the codebase (#1483) (Thomas Bachem)
FIX: Fix AgaviGregorianCalendar::pinDayOfMonth() (#1543) (Thomas Bachem)
FIX: Fixed path encoding in AgaviXmlConfigParser::xinclude() #1540 (Thomas Bachem)
FIX: prevent additional template pattern lookup w/ i18n (#1491) (Steffen Gransow)
FIX: Model code template Getter has unnessesary Parameter (#1322, #1494) (Robert Schulze, Benjamin Börngen-Schmidt)
FIX: [Config Breaking Change] Can't set default database with an empty <databases> block (#1524) (Dominik)
FIX: <databases> without default should not unset parent's default (#1533) (Dominik)
FIX: Prevent empty translation domains in the config (#1531) (Dominik)
FIX: <exclude> in suites.xml files is broken (#1525) (Dominik)
FIX: fix AgaviViewTestCase::assertViewSetsCookie throwing a notice (#1521) (Dominik)
FIX: Fix "session_id" parameter of AgaviSessionStorage (#1479) (Thomas Bachem)
FIX: Routing default values can now be zero or an empty string (#1545) (Thomas Bachem)
FIX: BREAKING CHANGE: Prefix, value & postfix of routing values do now default to null instead of an empty string if not present (#1570) (Thomas Bachem)
FIX: BREAKING CHANGE: <filters> element in translation.xml doesn't allow multiple <filter> child elements (#1475) (Dominik, Armin Rezayati)
FIX: BREAKING CHANGE: XML entities in configuration files are now properly substituted everywhere (#1571) (Thomas Bachem)