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Agavi IRC Channel

Join us in #agavi on And please remember to say Huomenta ;)


Don't ask to ask
Have a question? Don't ask if someone is there to answer it. Just ask the question.

Most people in the channel have actual work to do. They are not sitting in front of their computers all day, waiting for people with problems to join the channel. So please be patient. Ask your question, and then wait. It's not unusual to get a reply half an hour or an hour after you ask the question. Also keep in mind that people live in different timezones. A good bunch of the people in the channel are from Europe. Remember: there is a special place in hell for people who join an IRC channel, ask a question, and leave again after three minutes if they didn't get an answer in the meantime.

If you find the solution to a problem, please share it so others may find it later and learn something new (or remember something they've known before). It is frustrating for those who've helped you to see you disconnect right after you said "ah, found the solution!". Everyone profits if you give back, and it'll make it a lot easier for everyone involved to help the next person with the same problem.

Do not paste more than two or three lines of code. If you have code to show, use

If you can, don't just hop in, ask a question, and leave afterwards. Get to know some people, engage in conversations, stay to see if you can help someone else!

Memes, Words and Idioms

huo·menta noun:

Finnish for "morning", the official channel greeting in #agavi regardless of the time of day.

wom·bert verb \ˈwäm-bərt\:

To ruin the structure, existence, or condition of a technical device through the accidental application of physical force or spilled liquids. The item must be in a semi-working condition after the event.

He nearly womberted his laptop using Mtn Dew.

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