NLSR tester bot for gerrit using PyGerrit2 and Mini-NDN
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Usage: sudo python exp_file work_dir

sudo python --help

The bot is dependent on: (1) PyGerrit2 (pip install pygerrit2) (2) Mini-NDN

Without stopping testnlsr: (1) exp_file can be update anytime to add new experiments (2) minindn can be updated anytime (3) To retrigger a patch simply change the verified-integration score to zero on your patch

[Disabled since Mini-NDN runs with sudo:] This bot also tests Mini-NDN patches so as to provide up-to-date integration testing: (1) For Mini-NDN testing it simply tests all the experiments of Mini-NDN on the default topology. (2) For Mini-NDN patches the bot will use the verified label

If conf file updated, both Mini-NDN and NLSR changes may fail and then can be updated one by one.