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The ultimate WPF build toolchain


As the name implies, ClickTwice is the missing step from the ClickOnce deployment technology. ClickTwice allows you to decouple your build and deploy steps from Visual Studio, instead integrating them with your preferred build environment. Currently, three environments are supported:

  • Cake build scripts
  • ScriptCs scripts
  • Self-hosting (custom tool)

ClickTwice doesn't just build and publish your app: it also provides a powerful framework for pre- and post-processing your application at publish-time, allowing for a wide range of new abilities as pluggable handlers.

Getting Started

ClickTwice is usually run by a "host", a context to help control and configure ClickTwice itself. Out-of-the-box, the easiest way to get started is by using the Cake or ScriptCs host. Alternatively, you can self-host the toolchain to get more fine-tuned control over the build. Plus, since it's all just .NET, you can integrate the toolchain directly into your own applications.