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dokku-registry Build Status

The Docker registry plugin for Dokku adds support for managing application releases as part of a continuous delivery workflow.

On Heroku similar functionality is offered by the heroku-labs pipeline feature, which allows you to promote builds across multiple environments (staging -> production)


  • dokku 0.4.0+
  • docker 1.8.x


# on 0.3.x
cd /var/lib/dokku/plugins
git clone registry
dokku plugins-install

# on 0.4.x
dokku plugin:install registry


$ dokku help
    registry:login <docker login args>              Login to a docker registry
    registry:push <git_url> <docker_registry_image> Clone a git url, exec buildstep and push the resulting Docker image to the logged on registry
    registry:pull <app> <docker_registry_image>     Pull a Docker image (produced with buildstep) from the logged on registry and deploy


Build machine

dokku registry:login —username=<username> —password=<password> —email=<email> <server>

This logs you in to the dockerhub registry Other registries can be specified as well with using the optional server arg Check the docker login docs for more details

dokku registry:push <git_url> <image_tag>

This clones the code from a given git_url and builds it with buildstep The resulting Docker is tagged as specified by the image_tag arg and pushed to the current logged-on Docker registry

Deploy target(s)

dokku registry:login —username=<username> —password=<password> —email=<email> <server>
dokku registry:pull <appname> <image_tag>

This pulls the image tag from the current logged-on registry and deploys it to Dokku. The application will be auto-created in case it doesn't exist yet.

Quick example

Note : This is just to demonstrate syntax, replace credentials and registry image tag with your own values

dokku registry:login --username=myusername --password=mypwd
dokku registry:push myusername/myapp:1.2.3
dokku registry:pull myapp myusername/myapp:1.2.3

Set config variables prior to application start

The workflow then looks something like the following

dokku registry:login --username=myusername --password=mypwd
dokku create myapp
dokku config:set myapp FOO=BAR
dokku registry:pull myapp myusername/myapp:1.2.3

An example on how to bootstrap this can be found here :