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This repo corresponds to a workshop done in the EPFL during the LauzHack 2018 Days.

Slides can be found HERE slides

Initial steps

This workshop is a basic introduction to Docker. It aims to give an overview of how powerfull Docker is and how it has revolutionized the cloud industry.

Task 1

This is going to be as simple as running a simple app locally. For this we're going to use Node.js.

Jump to task 1 directory.

Task 2

This task consists on running out application in a docker container.

Jump to task 2 directory.

Task 3

This task consists on a simgle deploy of the system with docker-compose on a local enviroment.

Jump to task 3 directory.


  • Docker: Software containerization platform
  • NodeJS: Server enviroment.
  • MongoDB: NoSQL database system.
  • mongoose: MongoDB object modeling for node.js.
  • docker-build: Automated build of Docker images.
  • docker-compose: Automated configuration and run of multi-container Docker applications.