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2013-09-20, Version 0.5.0
* Quick fix for properties displayed twice in UI (Miroslav Bajtos)
* README: added FAQ entry for --hidden option (Miroslav Bajtos)
* lib: fixed hiding of script files (Miroslav Bajtos)
* lib: fix config handling (Miroslav Bajtos)
* Updated AUTHORS. (Miroslav Bajtos)
* Fixed wrong hint in error message if web port is used. (Adam Hořčica)
* NetworkAgent: support data scheme URLs (Miroslav Bajtos)
* package.json: upgraded to express 3.4 (Miroslav Bajtos)
* lib,Overrides: support the updated front-end (Miroslav Bajtos)
* front-end: patched inspector.html (Miroslav Bajtos)
* front-end: upgraded to Blink branch 1625, r157454 (Miroslav Bajtos)
* tools: implemented (Miroslav Bajtos)
2013-09-05, Version 0.4.0
* Emit 'listening' and 'error' events (Miroslav Bajtos)
* README: fixed headings level (Miroslav Bajtos)
* New configuration system based on RC module (3y3)
2013-08-21, Version 0.3.4
* Bugfix: crash when breakpoint was hit in eval()-ed (Miroslav Bajtos)
2013-08-12, Version 0.3.3
* package.json: upgraded to express 3.3 (Miroslav Bajtos)
* README: added section 'Contributing Code' (Miroslav Bajtos)
* README: Updated "Thanks" section (Miroslav Bajtos)
* Updated AUTHORS list. (Miroslav Bajtos)
* DebugServer: Fix for source map paths on win (pflannery)
* README: added gemnasium dependency status badge (Miroslav Bajtos)
* package.json: added `lint` script (Miroslav Bajtos)
* README: link to issue #146 (Miroslav Bajtoš)
* PageAgent: improved main-file detection (Miroslav Bajtos)
2013-07-22, Version 0.3.2
* Overrides: show main app file (Miroslav Bajtos)
* PageAgent: fix for main script without extension (Miroslav Bajtos)
2013-07-15, Version 0.3.1
* Added version log message. (Miroslav Bajtos)
* Fixed RuntimeAgent.callFunctionOn() error handling (Miroslav Bajtos)
2013-07-15, Version 0.3.0
* fixed typo. (Miroslav Bajtos)
* squash! ScriptFileStorage: root detection change (Miroslav Bajtos)
* ScriptFileStorage: improved detection of app root (Miroslav Bajtos)
* ScriptManager: fixed crash (mocha --debug-brk) (Miroslav Bajtos)
* DebuggerClient: fixed crash in getScriptSource (Miroslav Bajtos)
* AUTHORS: updated Stronglooper's emails (Miroslav Bajtos)
* Added (Miroslav Bajtos)
* Added AUTHORS (Miroslav Bajtos)
* Updated documentation. (Miroslav Bajtos)
* List unit-test files on session start. (Miroslav Bajtos)
* DebuggerClient: workaround for string truncation (Miroslav Bajtos)
* Fixed sourcemap support on Windows (Miroslav Bajtos)
* ScriptFileStorage: fixed issues on windows (Miroslav Bajtos)
* Sourcemap support (Miroslav Bajtos)
* Change the default server ip to be as doesn't work on windows (Raymond Feng)
* PageAgent: removed forgotten console.log call. (Miroslav Bajtos)
* Set breakpoint in a file not loaded yet. (Miroslav Bajtos)
* DebuggerAgent: setVariableValue for node v0.10.12+ (Miroslav Bajtos)
* package.json: relaxed express version spec (Miroslav Bajtos)
* Added few more dummy command handlers. (Miroslav Bajtos)
* DebuggerAgent: handle unsupported node version (Miroslav Bajtos)
* Implemented setVariableValue. (Miroslav Bajtos)
* Fixed 'get scope properties' to include flags (Miroslav Bajtos)
* RuntimeAgent: callFunctionOn with arguments (Miroslav Bajtos)
* RuntimeAgent: added writable and enumerable flags (Miroslav Bajtos)
* DebuggerAgent: implemented restartFrame. (Miroslav Bajtos)
* Improved handling of agent methods not implemented (Miroslav Bajtos)
* DebuggerAgent: save live-edit changes. (Miroslav Bajtos)
* Run ./tools/git-changelog to update ChangeLog (Sam Roberts)
* session: removed improper warning message (Miroslav Bajtos)
* Moved frontend overrides out of front-end folder (Miroslav Bajtos)
* Replaced paperboy with express. (Miroslav Bajtos)
* Added header to enable IE support via Chrome Frame (Miroslav Bajtos)
* added preferGlobal to package.json (Miroslav Bajtos)
* Changed fetchCallFrames to not fetch scope details (Miroslav Bajtos)
* Implemented DebuggerClient.clearBreakpoint (Miroslav Bajtos)
* Moved afterCompile handler to ScriptManager. (Miroslav Bajtos)
* Cleanup: Agents depend on debuggerClient (Miroslav Bajtos)
* Moved session.attach to DebuggerAgent. (Miroslav Bajtos)
* Refactored 'break'/'exception' handling (Miroslav Bajtos)
* Started rename of Debugger.sendDebugRequest. (Miroslav Bajtos)
* Extracted debugger communication to DebuggerClient (Miroslav Bajtos)
* Extracted frontend communication to FrontendClient (Miroslav Bajtos)
* Removed unused code from session.js (Miroslav Bajtos)
* Moved detection of conn errors to debugger. (Miroslav Bajtos)
* Style: added gjslint rules and fixed style issues (Miroslav Bajtos)
* Code-completions in console. (Miroslav Bajtos)
* Display the main document as a script file. (Miroslav Bajtos)
* Upgraded dependencies to recent versions. (Miroslav Bajtos)
* Code clean-up (Miroslav Bajtos)
* Removed overload of Reload page key shortcut. (Miroslav Bajtos)
* Implemented live edit of script sources. (Miroslav Bajtos)
* Fixed creation of a new watch expression (Miroslav Bajtos)
* Prepared for v0.3.0preview1 release. (Miroslav Bajtos)
* Removed leftover file. (Miroslav Bajtos)
* Convert windows paths to file:// URLs. (Miroslav Bajtos)
* Fixed title of html page and removed null error (Miroslav Bajtos)
* Detach from debugger when front-end disconnects. (Miroslav Bajtos)
* Removed test/hello.js (Miroslav Bajtos)
* Code clean-up: removed unused code. (Miroslav Bajtos)
* Fixed DebuggerAgent.setPauseOnExceptions. (Miroslav Bajtos)
* DebuggerAgent.getFunctionDetails() (Miroslav Bajtos)
* v8NameToInspectorUrl for `evaluate` scripts (Miroslav Bajtos)
* Commands not used/supported, capability queries (Miroslav Bajtos)
* Breaking on an Exception now provides a reason. (Michael Schoonmaker)
* Updated the Console methods under both Runtime and Debugger. (Michael Schoonmaker)
* Implemented 'Continue to Here' command (Miroslav Bajtos)
* Implemented activate/deactivate breakpoints. (Miroslav Bajtos)
* Implemented RuntimeAget.getProperties() (Miroslav Bajtos)
* Implemented execution-control related commands (Miroslav Bajtos)
* Implemented Call Stack. (Miroslav Bajtos)
* Implemented breakpoints (Miroslav Bajtos)
* Rework backend to support the new frontend. (Miroslav Bajtos)
* Reuse stubs and commands from webkit-inspector. (Miroslav Bajtos)
* Patched front-end/inspector.html (Miroslav Bajtos)
* Updated front-end to blink branch 1507. (Miroslav Bajtos)
* Display breakpoints in scripts loaded later. (Miroslav Bajtos)
* Fixed breakpoint restore bug. (Miroslav Bajtos)
* Update list of scripts on afterCompile event. (Miroslav Bajtos)
* Restore breakpoints on debugee restart. (Miroslav Bajtos)
* default should be backwards compatible (Philip Tellis)
* missing " (Philip Tellis)
* configure which interface to listen on so that we can avoid opening the debugger to the world if not needed (Philip Tellis)
* Added meta tag to enable IE support via Chrome Frame (Glenn Block)
* Added BSD License (Danny Coates)
* updated 'Thanks' on readme (Danny Coates)
* Syntax highlighting (Akzhan Abdulin)
* switched to, now works with Chrome 14+
* fixed page refresh
* bug fixes
* updated dependencies
* fixed crash on connect when using watch expressions (Issue 25)
* minor bug fixes
* experimental support for the profiles panel
* reverted websocket library to 1.3.53
* option to save changes from liveEdit
* option to hide files from inspector
* added config.json
- webPort (port to host inspector interface)
- debugPort (default debugger port to connect to)
- saveLiveEdit (save changes to files edited with liveEdit)
- hidden (regexp strings of files to hide from interface)
* Fixed pause button with node 0.3.1+
* Fixed page refresh with node 0.3.1+
* Shortened script file names in script list
* Updated node-websocket-server library
* Require node 0.3+
* Improved Scope Variables display
- Better object type info
- Inlined Array / Buffer lengths
* Automatically saved application setting
- last file shown
- console history
- watch expressions
* Console object completion on .
* Updated Web Inspector base
* Moved debugger port to query string i.e. /debug?port=5858
* New front-end <-> back-end message protocol
* ctrl+click line number for conditional breakpoints
* enable pause on all exceptions button
* handle multi-byte characters from debugger (Issue 12)
* removed --start --debug-port --fwd-io flags
* added debugger port UI
* added to npm registry