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Austen Record

Welcome to the Austen Record documentation. Austen Record is a rub library for doing SQL database queries. This can be used in a similar way to Active Record that is implemanted natively in the Rails framework.

Class Methods

The SQL object class has several class methods. For example we assume we create a Book class that inherits from the SQLobject class.


  • returns all instanes of that SQL object.

  • Example: Book.all() would return all instances of Book in the database, i.e. all columns with all row information.


  • returns an instance of an SQL object with the given id

  • Example: Book.find(2) would find the Book from the SQL table with id 2.


  • equivalent to doing an SQL querry using "WHERE", where the params passed in the params hash are the limiting factors.

  • Example: Book.where({title: "Our Mutual Friend"}) returns all book instances where the title is "Our Mutual Friend" Book.where({author: "Dickens"}) returns all book instances where the author is "Dickens"



  • this creates a new instance of the class, passing it the params necessary to create the object. This does not save the instance to the database.
  • Example: new_book ={title: "The Lord of the Rings", author: "J.R.R. Tolkien", genre: "fantasy"}), this would create a Book instance, but would not save it to the database unless was called.


  • saves the book to the database
  • would save the instance new_book to the data base


  • takes an existing book object and updates according to new params.
book_to_change = Book.where({title:"Lord of the Rings"})[0] #finds the appropriate book
new_params= {genre: "High Fantasy"} #the paramaters I want to change about the book
book_to_change.update(new_params) #updates the database to appropriate values