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Chrome App that plays music
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Chrome Music Player

Music Player using Chrome App technology is here.



  • Local music import (chrome.mediaGalleries)
  • Drag and drop music import
  • ID3 tag support
  • Sync music files across clients (chrome.syncFileSystem)
  • Quota indicator

Exciting part:

By using the power of chrome.syncFileSystem API, imported music files will be saved on Google Drive and you can sync them across clients! To feel the power, go Google Drive > Chrome Syncable FileSystem > [app's extension-id] and drop any music file onto it. The music will be imported to Chrome Music Player shortly after you launch the app next time.


  • Currently files can't be actually removed from Google Drive by a bug of syncFileSystem && filer.js. Remove it manually by going to Google Drive > Chrome Syncable FileSystem > [app's extension-id]
  • There are many other issues. Contribution will be welcomed!


  1. > git clone
  2. > cd ChromeMusicPlayer/
  3. > git submodule init
  4. > git submodule update
  5. Open chrome://extensions and check Developer mode
  6. Click Load unpacked extension... and select ChromeMusicPlayer/src
  7. Now you will see Chrome Music Player app on your new tab page
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