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Run executable file, debug and build commands on project +projectile, compilation-mode, ivy, realgud
Emacs Lisp
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  1. Run executable file, debug and build commands on project.
  2. Can configure build directory per project.


  1. Requires:
    1. f
    2. s
    3. projectile
    4. ivy
    5. realgud
    6. levenshtein
      1. Aaron S. Hawley <ashawley at uvm dot edu>
      2. Art Taylor
  2. Use Quelpa
    (quelpa '(moonshot :repo "ageldama/moonshot" :fetcher github))
    (require 'moonshot)

Key Bindings and Functionalities

(global-set-key (kbd "C-c x x") 'moonshot-run-executable)
(global-set-key (kbd "C-c x d") 'moonshot-run-debugger)
(global-set-key (kbd "C-c x c") 'moonshot-run-runner)


per Project Build Directory

  1. Set moonshot-project-build-dir in your file local variable or .dir-locals.el.
  2. can be:
    1. Relative path string: appended to (projectile-project-root) or the directory of current buffer.
    2. Absolute path string.
    3. Lisp form: evaluates as a string of build directory path.

Additional Debugger

  • See moonshot-debuggers
    • (TODO: describe more)

Shell Command

(add-to-list 'moonshot-runners "npm run sth -d %p")

Shell command string can contain variable specifiers:

  1. %a absolute pathname ( /usr/local/bin/netscape.bin )
  2. %f file name without directory ( netscape.bin )
  3. %n file name without extension ( netscape )
  4. %e extension of file name ( bin )
  5. %d directory ( /usr/local/bin/ )
  6. %p project root directory ( /home/who/blah/ ), using Projectile
  7. %b project build directory ( /home/who/blah/build/ ), using moonshot-project-build-dir
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