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Logo dropmic


dropmic is a lightweight dropdown plugin written in pure javascript

  • No dependencies required
  • No extra files to download
  • Fully customizable via CSS
  • Simple API



Method Procedure
Bower bower install dropmic --save
NPM npm install dropmic
Yarn (obsolete since npm5) yarn add dropmic
Download Download zip

Then dropmic have some css you will have to add (feel free to custom it for a better integration in your UI):

<link rel="stylesheet" href="dist/dropmic.min.css">

Finally just link the dropmic's code at the end of your document:

<!-- Browser build -->
<script src="dist/dropmic.min.js"></script>

Or as a JS module:

// ES6 module build
import dropmic from 'dropmic'


Create the base layout for your button

  1. Add data-dropmic-btn attribute to your button
  2. Create a div with a dropmic css class
  3. Add a data-dropmic-direction attribute to the div (default behavior: bottom-right):
  • data-dropmic-direction="top-left"
  • data-dropmic-direction="top-right"
  • data-dropmic-direction="top-middle"
  • data-dropmic-direction="bottom-left"
  • data-dropmic-direction="bottom-right"
  • data-dropmic-direction="bottom-middle"
  1. You can also add a data-dropmic attribute to you div for target it.


<div class="dropmic" data-dropmic="42"
  <button data-dropmic-btn>click me</button>
  <div class="dropmic-menu" aria-hidden="true">quality content</div>

Instantiate your new dropdown

var dropmic = new Dropmic(document.querySelector('[data-dropmic="42"]'));

Add content

You can create the content by yourself or use the API (cf. below)

Use this template (<div class="dropmic-menu" aria-hidden="true"> is needed, otherwise you can completely customize his content)

<div class="dropmic" data-dropmic="42" data-dropmic-direction="bottom-right" role="navigation">
    <button data-dropmic-btn>click me</button>
    <div class="dropmic-menu" aria-hidden="true">
        <div class="dropmic-menu__custom">Custom content</div>
        <ul class="dropmic-menu__list" role="menu">
            <li class="dropmic-menu__listItem" role="menuitem">
                <a class="dropmic-menu__listContent" href="" tabindex="-1">label link</a>
            <li class="dropmic-menu__listItem" role="menuitem">
                <button class="dropmic-menu__listContent" tabindex="-1">label button</button>


You can use the API to generate content and open or close your dropdown with JS:

Name Parameter type(s) Description
addLink(label, url) string or int, string Add a link
addBtn(label, callback) string or int, function Add a button
addLabel(label) string or int Add a text label
setCustomContent(content) string Set a custom content
updateTargetBtn(content) string Update target button content
open() Open your dropdown
close() Close your dropdown


dropmic.setCustomContent("toto custom");
dropmic.addLink('link label', '');
dropmic.addBtn('close dropdown', function() {
dropmic.addLabel('text label');


Name Type Description
onOpen function Callback to execute when dropmic is open
onClose function Callback to execute when dropmic is closed
beforeOpen function Callback to execute before opening dropmic
beforeClose function Callback to execute before closing dropmic


var dropmic = new Dropmic(document.querySelector('[data-dropmic="1"]'), {
  onOpen: function() {
      dropmic.updateTargetBtn("Click to close");
  onClose: function() {
      dropmic.updateTargetBtn("Bottom right (default)");

Modify dropmic

  1. Setup dependencies: npm i (or npm ci if you don't want to impact package-lock)
  2. Run hot-reloads server for development npm run dev
  3. (Build for production npm run build)


  • Add open and close public method in the API
  • Add top-middle and bottom-middle direction
  • A11y friendly (with keyboard navigation)
  • Permit to update button content with dropdown is open
  • Instantiate severals dropmic with one initialization command
  • Permit to update a list item value


Released under the MIT LICENSE