Mercury - Sass mixins & functions library.
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Sass mixins & functions library!


Requirements Versions
Sass ~3.3.0




Mixins Functions dependencies helpers.scss dependencies
breakpoint None No
font-face None No
gradient None No
grid breakpoint No
opacity None No
rem-size rem No
retina None No
selection None No


Variables Default Mixins dependencies
$oldie false All mixins config use this
$media-queries true breakpoint


This variable is used to distinguish the global settings and those dedicated solely to Internet Explorer. She created an alternative version of the parameters and write them in a different file. File that should only be called by Internet Explorer.

Variable $oldie: false; is required in the file _mercury.scss.


In your Sass folder at the root, create a file oldie.scss or any other name. This generated a new .css file, called only by Internet Explorer.

The file, oldie.css, is a copy of your main CSS file, except that the parameters dedicated to Internet Explorer will be written to the file. In it, import the main CSS file @import "name";, which already contains all the libraries.

On top of the file place the variable $oldie: true;.

Call the file with conditional comments.


.module {
    // For all browsers
    background: blue;
    height: 50px;
    width: 50px;
    @if $oldie {
        // For Internet Explorer only
        background: red;
        height: 100px;
        width: 100px;


This variable is used to decide whether the parameters placed in a breakpoint is generated or not.

The main use is for Intenet Explorer 7 and 8. It takes place in the false option in a dedicated IE file. Only parameters desktop will be generated in the CSS file.


The _helpers.scss depends on the _mercury.scss file because some helpers use variables or mixins.