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You can find the preprocessed documentation in ./doc in HTML format.

Debugging via GDB:

src/util/gdbinit (and, therefore, build/.gdbinit) defines
a few convenience things - T, NIL, and, even more important,

This is a GDB function that prints a 'cl_object' human-readably:

    (gdb) ecl_print x
    $39 = t_fixnum
    $40 = (ecl_base_char *) 0x42b4000 "10652336"

And another that helps to see a thread state:

    (gdb) ecl_eval "cl:*package*"

Please note that double quotes have to be escaped:

    (gdb) ecl_eval "(concatenate 'string \"a\" \"b\")"

Both will give a string with "readable" content, and a pretty-printed one.

Using VIM:

.git/tags is a VIM-compatible tag file; if you're using
the fugitive plugin, it will be used automatically.

About testing:

make check
	to (get, initialize and) run the tests

make -C build/tests do-regressions
make -C build/tests do-ansi
make -C build/tests do-quicklisp
make -C build/tests do-mop-tests
	runs the specified tests

make -C build/tests/ show-fails
	prints results
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