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Go Blog Go!

A go version of my stupid blog script

This is billo's crappy blog publishing platform


  1. write Markdown files with a .txt extension.
  2. Arrange them in a directory structure YYYY/MM
  3. create a CSS file header and footer shtml files
  4. enable apache server side includes to parse .shtml files
  5. run this script

I've updated the program to use a Go implementation of Markdown (blackfriday). Forking and execing Perl, a complete repub of myown blog of about 500 articles took about 15 seconds. With the native implementation it takes 0.12 seconds. Yay.

Directories needed:

blogdir: this is where the .txt (Markdown) files should live masterdir: this is where some static boilerplate include files are

Files needed in blogdir. These are not altered by the script:

index.shtml: this is not touched by the update script.
header.shtml: when the script creates pages, this is the top chunk
footer.shtml: when the script creates pages, this is the bottom chunk
footerbar.shtml: visible contents of the footer on all pages
monthheader.shtml: for the generated monthly index, this file is the top chunk
monthfooter.shtml: for the generated monthly index, this file is the bottom chunk
feed/index.shtml: the shell of the RSS feed

Files needed in masterdir:

monthindex.shtml: This is the master template for each generated index.shtml in the month folders
tweet.shtml: this includes the "tweet" button which is placed at the top of the archive index.

files generated by this script:

blogdir/sidebar.shtml - this is the top level index of all the months where there is a post
blogdir/contents.shtml = top level meat middle section of the main index file
blogdir/feed/items.ihtml - the RSS feed items
blogdir/YYYY/MM/contents.shtml - the contents of each month index page
blogdir/YYYY/MM/index.shtml - the index page of each month


A go version of my stupid blog script






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