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This repository has been archived by the owner on Apr 4, 2020. It is now read-only.

Releases: agentcontest/massim_2018


26 Sep 08:47
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bump version to 1.2


21 Aug 12:41
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  • protocol
    • changed xml structure of items to attributes
  • eismassim
    • upgraded to EIS 0.6.0
    • fix: added percepts that were missing
    • entity type is now set to the name of the role when the info is received
  • scenario
    • made auction duration dynamic
    • added some more sample configurations


04 Apr 13:32
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First package for the Multi-Agent Contest 2018. Changes from last year:

* scenario
  * changed goal: get the highest score!
  * major additions
    * added wells to generate score points with
    * added build/dismantle actions to build/dismantle wells
    * roles now have a new skill attribute determining the efficiency of build, dismantle and gather actions
    * roles now have a new vision attribute describing an agent's vision radius
    * roles now have values for maximum speed, battery, load, vision and skill to support the
    * new upgrade system! each agent can upgrade its speed, battery, load, vision and skill
  * minor revisions
    * entities (and wells) are now only visible in an agent's vision radius
    * currency renamed to massium
      * used to build wells or upgrade agents
    * removed blackouts
  * item-related
    * shops do not sell items any more
      * added new trade action to sell assembled items in shops
    * tools have been removed, assembly now requires the presence of roles instead
    * assembled items require at most one instance of each part
  * removed actions
    * post_job
      * nobody used it anyway
    * skip (redundant)
  * under the hood changes
    * simulation instance generation has been simplified
    * resource nodes are more common
    * resource nodes use skill system to determine when they yield a resource
    * volume of assembled items does not depend on required parts anymore
    * simplified job generation


13 Sep 08:21
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* monitor
  * added replay mechanism
* scenario
  * added the 2 missing tournament maps
  * added config files for the new maps
* server
  * added some more log output


04 Sep 13:45
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* scenario
  * added measure to prevent empty jobs
  * fixed issue where agents could be trapped in some parts of the map
  * changed cellSize to Integer
* monitor
  * added rendering of agents' routes


30 Aug 15:49
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  • scenario
    • added percepts for map center, cellSize and proximity
  • monitor
    • fixed display of stored items
    • added a third team color
    • added display of action parameters
  • eismassim
    • improved entity re/connection
    • added the new percepts
  • server
    • fixed a bug where actions could go missing on extremely slow hardware
    • refactored the scenario generation

massim-2017- 1.4

02 Aug 12:05
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  • protocol
    • added the agent's name to sim-start
    • fixed sim-end message not being deserialized
    • XML request-action messages now organized for better readability
  • eismassim
    • added percept for agent's name
    • fixed abort action deemed not being supported
    • fixed a bug where an EISEntity could create multiple listening threads
    • added method for checking an entity's connection to a server to the environment interface
    • starting the environment now also starts its main thread, which will cause it to try to connect its entities with a massim server if they are not connected
  • monitor
    • selection of multiple agents in the same location now cycles through all of them
    • zoom to new location on map change#
  • scenario
    • fixed tools not being listed in storages after being stored
    • items of completed jobs are now mostly fed back into random shops
  • server
    • will now only parse as many agents from team config as required and make up its own names if too few agents are configured


29 Jun 11:04
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massim-2017- 1.3

* scenario:
  * blackouts added (charging stations may not work for a couple of steps)
  * assembly assistants are now sorted by their number (i.e. first by length of their name, then lexicographically) when determining the order in which to remove their items
  * fixed missions' rewards being higher than lowestBid
  * adapted configuration for 28 agents
  * fixed a severe bug when abort action was used
* monitor: limit number of displayed jobs and fix displayed items in shops
* protocol: added min/max lat and lon to sim-start percept
* eismassim: removed obsolete missionId parameter from mission percepts


18 May 11:48
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* changed xml format of tools in roles and item-requirements
* added tools to sim-start message
* fixed a possible memory leak that could occur if some agents would not connect
* added a special testing mode for simple (non-assembly) jobs (set difficultyMin/Max and missionDifficultyMax to 0)
* changed "item" percept to "hasItem" for carried items (eismassim)
* added missing facility percept (eismassim)


20 Apr 13:02
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* improved job generation (replaced temporary one)
* fixed a bug where assembled items could (or would) have volume 0
* fixed a bug where missions were not added to the percept