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MASSim 2019: Agents Assemble

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MASSim (Multi-Agent Systems Simulation Platform), the simulation (server) software used in the Multi-Agent Programming Contest, where participants program agents to compete with each other in a predefined game.

MASSim simulations run in discrete steps. Agents connect remotely to the contest server, receive percepts and send their actions, which are in turn executed by MASSim.


We upload binary releases to GitHub:

There also are (potentially unstable) development snapshots built after each commit.

Building MASSim

The build requires Maven.

Run mvn package in the main directory. Maven should automatically fetch all nescessary dependencies.

Documentation describes how the MASSim server can be configured and started. contains the description of the current scenario. describes the MASSim protocol, i.e. message formats for communicating with the MASSim server. explains EISMASSim, a Java library using the Environment Interface Standard (EIS) to communicate with the MASSim server, that can be used with platforms which support the EIS. gives a short introduction to the java agents framework, which holds skeletons that can already communicate with the MASSim server and have basic agent capabilities. describes how to view live matches and replays in the browser.


MASSim is licensed under the AGPLv3+. See COPYING.txt for the full license text.