Utilities for working in virtual cloud environments.
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Virtual Private Cloud Utilities

JMX MBean Invoker

The mbean-invoker module provides a listener inside the Tomcat/tcServer instance that waits for messages telling it to invoke JMX operations or return the values of JMX attributes. Designed to be used in conjunction with monitor and management software to unobtrusively, and with minimal system overhead, manage a vcloud of Tomcat/tcServer nodes.


  • RabbitMQ AMQP Java client libraries (ver 1.7).
  • Jackson JSON Parser/Generator (ver 1.5).

Cloud-based Session Clustering

This module provides a session Manager and session Store that work in concert with RabbitMQ to provide session failover and cluster-wide load-balancing without relying on sticky sessions.

NOTE: I've switched my servers to using SLF4J/Log4J. I blogged about this switch:


I've created a branch of this that uses the default Tomcat JULI logging. (Note: I deleted that branch and will re-create it when I get the latest changes I've checked in JULI-fied).

AMQP Log4J Appender

This module provides an appender which publishes Log4J events to your RabbitMQ servers for the purpose of aggregating log files from multiple sources into a coherent single sink. To come: a command-line utility to sniff the logging queue

AMQP Distributed ClassLoader

This module adds remote classloading support to your application. Simply configure a listener to the configured queue that has the appropriate classes in the classpath. When using the client ClassLoader in your application, it will load the class file via RabbitMQ.

Distributed Asynchronous Cache

This modules turns RabbitMQ into an asynchronous NoSQL cache.


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