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= TODO for re-DFA
== Language
* add ., \s, \w, \d, \S, \W, and \D
* add [abc], [a-z0-9], and [^abc]
* add new modifier +, ?, {m}, and {m,n}
== Scripts
* add command line utilities re2pl and re2c
== Backends
=== DFA
* add re::NFA::Eval to serve as a NFA evaluator (or interpreter)
* add re::DFA::Eval to serve as a DFA evaluator (or interpreter)
* add re::DFA::Perl to emit plain Perl code for a given DFA
* add re::DFA::C to emit plain C code for a given DFA
=== XML
* apply DTD to the XML outputs
== Documentation
* add POD for every .pm file
== Test Suit
* port perl's regex test suit to re-DFA