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//: mmu_t.v
//: toplevel module for testing mmu and ram
//: Salent v0.13
//: Copyright (c) 2005 Agent Zhang
//: 2005-08-25 2005-08-31
module mmu_t (mfc, strb, rw, mar, byte);
parameter ADDR_SIZE = 32,
wire bus_mfc;
wire bus_strb, bus_rw;
wire [ADDR_SIZE-1:0] bus_addr;
wire [WORD_SIZE-1:0] bus_data;
output mfc;
input strb, rw;
input [ADDR_SIZE-1:0] mar;
inout [7:0] byte;
ram Ram(bus_mfc, bus_strb, bus_rw, bus_addr, bus_data);
mmu Mmu(bus_strb, bus_rw, bus_addr, bus_mfc, bus_data,
mfc, strb, rw, mar, byte);