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1 parent 6e02876 commit 7b7562302c2867bad2bb26af284357c79aee9aa9 @liseen liseen committed
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+- update variable format check to \w[-\.\w]*
+- added SSH_BATCH_PASSPHRASE for -P and SSH_BATCH_PASSWORD env for -w
+- added passphrase support
+- added some doc for tty option
+- added rsync archive, update and compress mode
+- trim expr when parse expr
+- added tty option for atnodes
+- auto create .fornodesrc
+- added StrictHostChecking option for key2nodes
- key2nodes: more examples added to SYNOPSIS in its POD. thanks cnhackTNT++.
- added repository address into Makefile.PL, thanks Alexandr Ciornii.

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