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getting ready to publish our mysql module!

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Mysql module for Puppet

This module manages mysql on Linux (RedHat/Debian) distros. A native mysql provider implements database resource type to handle database, database user, and database permission.


This module uses the fact osfamily which is supported by Facter 1.6.1+. If you do not have facter 1.6.1 in your environment, the following manifests will provide the same functionality in site.pp (before declaring any node):

if ! $::osfamily {
  case $::operatingsystem {
    'RedHat', 'Fedora', 'CentOS', 'Scientific', 'SLC', 'Ascendos', 'CloudLinux', 'PSBM', 'OracleLinux', 'OVS', 'OEL': {
      $osfamily = 'RedHat'
    'ubuntu', 'debian': {
      $osfamily = 'Debian'
    'SLES', 'SLED', 'OpenSuSE', 'SuSE': {
      $osfamily = 'Suse'
    'Solaris', 'Nexenta': {
      $osfamily = 'Solaris'
    default: {
      $osfamily = $::operatingsystem

This module depends on creates_resources function which is introduced in Puppet 2.7. Users on puppet 2.6 can use the following module which provides this functionality:

This module is based on work by David Schmitt. The following contributor have contributed patches to this module (beyond Puppet Labs):

  • Christian G. Warden
  • Daniel Black
  • Justin Ellison
  • Lowe Schmidt
  • Matthias Pigulla
  • William Van Hevelingen
  • Michael Arnold



Installs the mysql-client package.

class { 'mysql': }


Installs mysql bindings for java.

class { 'mysql::java': }


Installs mysql bindings for python.

class { 'mysql::python': }


Installs mysql bindings for ruby.

class { 'mysql::ruby': }


Installs mysql-server packages, configures my.cnf and starts mysqld service:

class { 'mysql::server':
  config_hash => { 'root_password' => 'foo' }

Database login information stored in /root/.my.cnf.


Creates a database with a user and assign some privileges.

mysql::db { 'mydb':
  user     => 'myuser',
  password => 'mypass',
  host     => 'localhost',
  grant    => ['all'],


Installs a mysql backup script, cronjob, and priviledged backup user.

class { 'mysql::backup':
  backupuser     => 'myuser',
  backuppassword => 'mypassword',
  backupdir      => '/tmp/backups',

Providers for database types:

MySQL provider supports puppet resources command:

$ puppet resource database
database { 'information_schema':
  ensure  => 'present',
  charset => 'utf8',
database { 'mysql':
  ensure  => 'present',
  charset => 'latin1',

The custom resources can be used in any other manifests:

database { 'mydb':
  charset => 'latin1',

database_user { 'bob@localhost':
  password_hash => mysql_password('foo')

database_grant { 'user@localhost/database':
  privileges => ['all'] ,

A resource default can be specified to handle dependency:

Database {
  require => Class['mysql::server'],
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