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import runway
import numpy as np
from ISR.models import RDN
@runway.setup(options={'checkpoint': runway.file(extension='.hdf5')})
def setup(opts):
rdn = RDN(arch_params={'C':6, 'D':20, 'G':64, 'G0':64, 'x':2})
return rdn
@runway.command('upscale', inputs={'image': runway.image}, outputs={'upscaled': runway.image})
def upscale(rdn, inputs):
width, height = inputs['image'].size
if width >= 1000 or height >= 1000:
return rdn.predict(np.array(inputs['image']), by_patch_of_size=256)
return rdn.predict(np.array(inputs['image']))
if __name__ == '__main__':
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