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The AlaSQL Wiki

About AlaSQL

AlaSQL applies SQL opperations to JavaScript arrays and objects therefore the library can best be described as a JavaScript SQL database.

The API is designed for:

  • JavaScript data manipulation plus advanced filtering, grouping and joining
  • Client-side SQL database with option for persistency (as Local Storage and Indexed DB)
  • Fast data processing for BI and ERP applications on fat clients
  • Easy ETL (extract, transfer, and loading) data to/from CSV and XLSX + others
  • Works in all major browsers, Node.js, and mobile applications
// a) SQL on array of objects
var data = [{a:1,b:10}, {a:2,b:20}, {a:1,b:30}];
var res = alasql('SELECT a, SUM(b) AS b FROM ? GROUP BY a',[data]);    

// b) Async promise notation
      .promise('SELECT * FROM XLS("mydata.xls") GROUP BY name WHERE lastname LIKE "A%" and city = "London"')
           console.log('error:', err);

Try example a) in jsFiddle.

Please make sure promise is supported if you are in the browser.


AlaSQL Documentation

Command-Line Utilities

  • alacon - command-line utility for text and data files processing with SQL
  • alaserver - simple SQL server based on AlaSQL



Unsure if AlaSQL fit your needs? Chekout the other JavaScript SQL databases

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