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Logs all session activity, based on now inactive project.
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Logs all sessions and sign-outs. Originally developed at [ software shop].


  • logging all sessions permanently
  • logging off remote sessions
  • logging of IP addresses and browser info


Basic Installation that will provide you with admin view of all session logs:

  1. Include django-session-log in your requirements.txt file.
  2. Add session_log to INSTALLED_APPS and migrate db.

Optionally you can add view that lets your users see all of their active sessions and log out them.

  1. Add session_activity.middleware.SessionActivityMiddleware to MIDDLEWARE_CLASSES after the django.contrib.sessions.middleware.SessionMiddleware and django.contrib.auth.middleware.AuthenticationMiddleware middleware classes. This step is optional and only required if you intend user to be able to see all his active sessions and log out them

  2. Add url config for session list and sign-out views:

    url(r'^sessions/', include('session_activity.urls')),

    Then link to the main view using {% url "session_activity_list" %} template tag.

  3. Optionally copy & modify the session_list.html template to match your look and feel expectations.


django-session-log depends on django>=1.11.2, django-appconf>=0.6 and python-dateutil.


There’s also an instant demo example that can be run from the cloned repository:

./ migrate
./ runserver


django-session-log is released under the MIT license.

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