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  • generated proposals of our method are added.
  • spatial pyramid pooling models are added


code for DeepProposal paper presented in ICCV 2015 (

Amir Ghodrati, Ali Diba, Marco Pedersoli, Tinne Tuytelaars, Luc Van Gool, "DeepProposal: Hunting Objects by Cascading Deep Convolutional Layers".


  • Dependencies should be installed according to their instructions. They should either be in ./deps/ folder or you need to change the paths in get_opts.m file:

  • Instruction to compile the modified code of edgebox(I have included files for 64-bit linux):

    • mex private/edgesDetectMex.cpp -outdir private [OMPPARAMS]
    • mex private/edgesNmsMex.cpp -outdir private [OMPPARAMS]
    • mex private/spDetectMex.cpp -outdir private [OMPPARAMS]
    • mex private/edgeBoxesMex.cpp -outdir private
    • Here [OMPPARAMS] are parameters for OpenMP and are OS and compiler dependent.
      • Windows: [OMPPARAMS] = '-DUSEOMP' 'OPTIMFLAGS="$OPTIMFLAGS' '/openmp"'
      • Linux V1: [OMPPARAMS] = '-DUSEOMP' CFLAGS="$CFLAGS -fopenmp" LDFLAGS="$LDFLAGS -fopenmp"
      • Linux V2: [OMPPARAMS] = '-DUSEOMP' CXXFLAGS="$CXXFLAGS -fopenmp" LDFLAGS="$LDFLAGS -fopenmp"
    • To compile without OpenMP simply omit [OMPPARAMS]; note that code will be single threaded in this case.
  • The compiled files for "nms_c.cpp" and "intg_sub.cpp" under 64-bit linux are added. If you want to compile it, use "mex file_name.cpp"

  • The models that are used in DeepProposal (in './models' folder):

    • objectness models: as described in section 3.1 of the paper (trained models are included)
    • contour model: as described in section 4 of the paper (trained model is included)
    • pre-trained CNN model ( make a symbolic link in ./models/cnn/ that point to the imagenet-caffe-ref.mat or change the path in get_opts.m


You can run the "demo.m" for extracting proposals for a given image.


A script called "main_run.m" is included to extract proposals for VOC 2007 and COCO 2014. you should setup VOC07 development kit and/or COCO14 api+dataset according to their instructions and then set paths in get_opts.m


  • All boxes are in format of [x y x+w y+h]
  • This version does not use spatial pyramid representation for second stage. -UPDATE: It is included now!
  • For COCO14 dataset, objects with area smaller than 32^2 are considered as difficult so they are omitted during evaluation. you can change it in arrange_imdb.m
  • Features can be loaded from './feats/' in case they are already extracted
  • Outputs are stored in './outputs/'.
  • Logs are stored in './logs/'.

UPDATE: generated proposals for VOC2007 trainval/test sets:


code for DeepProposal paper presented in ICCV 2015




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