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Obey is a linter tool for Scala. Obey enables to define rules, based on scala.meta trees and the TQL library, corresponding to code health requirements. A rule can generate warnings and/or propose to correct the source code automatically.

In order to use the Obey as a compiler plugin, that runs a phase called 'obey', use the following line:

addCompilerPlugin("com.github.aghosn" % "plugin_2.11.5" % "0.1.0­SNAPSHOT")

The compiler plugin defines the following options:

  • all: enables to apply a filter on the entire set of rules considered
  • warn: enables to select the rules that will only generate warnings
  • fix: enables to select the rules that will automatically correct the source code
  • addRules: enables to add user-defined rules to a project

The option filtering language (OFL) correponds to the following parser:

tag := “[\w\*]+”.r
tags := “{” ~ tag ~ (“[;,]”.r ~ tag).* ~ “}”
OFL := ("[+-]".r ~ tags).*

For example the following expression

+{List*, Set} - {Array}

selects all the rules that have a tag/name begining by List or equal to Set, while excluding all the ones that have a tag/name equal to Array

In order to use Obey as an SBT autoplugin, use the following line:

addSbtPlugin("com.github.aghosn" %% "sbt­obeyplugin" % "0.1­SNAPSHOT")


lazy val myProject = Project(...) enablePlugins(obeyplugin)

For an example of how to use Obey, refer to the IObey project or the demo-obey one on my github.