ThinkingSphinx + Resque delta indexing.
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Delayed Deltas for Thinking Sphinx (with Resque)

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This code is HEAVILY borrowed from ts-delayed-delta.


This gem depends on the following gems: thinking-sphinx and resque.

Currently, you'll need Thinking Sphinx v1.5.0 (for Rails 2), v2.1.0 (for Rails 3), or - ideally - v3.0.3 or newer (for Rails 3.1 onwards). If you're on a version of Thinking Sphinx that's too old, you better go upgrade - but otherwise, add ts-resque-delta to your Gemfile file with the rest of your gem dependencies:

gem 'ts-resque-delta', '~> 2.0.0'

Add the delta property to index definition. If you're using Thinking Sphinx v3, then it'll look something like this:

  :with  => :active_record,
  :delta => ThinkingSphinx::Deltas::ResqueDelta
) do
  # fields and attributes and so on...

But if you're still using v1.5 or v2.1, you'll want the following:

define_index do
  # fields and attributes and so on...

  set_property :delta => ThinkingSphinx::Deltas::ResqueDelta

If you've never used delta indexes before, you'll need to add the boolean column named :delta to each table for indexed models. A database index for that column is also recommended.

def change
  add_column :articles, :delta, :boolean, :default => true, :null => false
  add_index  :articles, :delta


Once you've got it all set up, all you need to do is make sure that the Resque worker is running. You can do this by specifying the ts_delta queue when running Resque:

QUEUE=ts_delta,other_queues rake resque:work

Contributors (for ts-resque-delta)

Original Contributors (for ts-delayed-delta)


Copyright (c) 2011-2014 Aaron Gibralter and Pat Allan, and released under an MIT Licence.