A collection of JavaScript utilities to ruin your day.
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A collection of JavaScript utilities to ruin someone’s day, regardless of ability…or disability.

11.93KB minified & gzipped


Simply drop the minified file into your site:

<script src="pestilence.min.js"></script>

No fancy DOM-ready methods here—the file blindly assumes that you can load a website within eight seconds. If you’re really concerned about that, strip out the setTimeout at the bottom of the file and call Pestilence.initialize() when you’re good and ready!



Plays a high-pitched noise a random intervals.

Mouse Pest

Replaces the user’s cursor with a duplicate that is offset approximately 50px down and to the right.

Keyboard Pest

Randomly moves the caret as the user types within input fields.

Accessibility Pest

Hides all headers and paragraph elements from screen readers and gives random tab indices to anchor elements.

Known Bugs

  • Not yet tested in IE
  • No replacement cursors for Windows machines yet
  • Safari appears unable to play sounds