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2 parents 22aef01 + 4f7bb00 commit 151a1ac3200c5e991b730e848465520d89535d16 @agibsonsw committed Oct 11, 2012
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@@ -40,4 +40,14 @@ Pressing Undo repeatedly may leave an area as an edit-region,
even though you have undone all edits to this region. Being
able to create and remove edit regions can help with this issue.
-Multi-select will only remember the first selection area.
+Multi-select will only remember the first selection area.
+It doesn't include automatically inserted tabs, matched brackets
+or quotes within the current edit region. Therefore, the edit-region
+may be split into several edits, and/or the region may end before it
+should. What I'm doing is pressing Ctrl-Alt-H (or using my shortcut
+menu) to toggle highlighting of the edits. Regardless of this
+highlighting step, I can select the whole area and use Ctrl-Alt-C
+to define it as a single edit-region. I can do this at any time
+and it has the advantage that I can explicitly define the start
+and end points of the edit region.

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