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@@ -13,7 +13,8 @@ An optional icon can appear in the gutter - although
this may interfere if you also use Bookmarks. You
could use your own icon if you prefer! icon_scope
determines the colour of the icon and outlining:
-"class" works well for me.
+"class" works well for me. icon_current is the scope
+for the current edit region.
You can remove the edit history for a region using
another shortcut, via a quick panel (although you
@@ -36,9 +37,8 @@ My suggestions for your Key Bindings (User) are:
{ "keys": ["ctrl+alt+c"], "command": "create_edit" }
-Pressing Undo repeatedly may leave an area as an edit-region,
-even though you have undone all edits to this region. Being
-able to create and remove edit regions can help with this issue.
+It should handle multiple-undo/redo commands well, but I need
+feedback to confirm this.
Multi-select will only remember the first selection area.

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