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Jump between edited lines - optional gutter icon
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Jump between edited regions - optional gutter icon

Can jump to next or previous edited-lines or use a quick-panel which shows the edited text and line number. (If the edited text is just whitespace then the panel will display the full line's text.)

A shortcut can toggle outlining of the edited lines. An optional icon can appear in the gutter - although this may interfere if you also use Bookmarks. You could use your own icon if you prefer! icon_scope determines the colour of the icon and outlining: "class" works well for me. icon_current is the scope for the current edit region.

You can remove the edit history for a region using another shortcut, via a quick panel (although you cannot remove the most recent edit). If you highlight some text you can create/add it as an edit-region.

You can list, and jump to, edits across all open files.

Details for edited lines will persist if you close ST, but not if you close the file/view. This is the default persistence behaviour for ST.

My suggestions for your Key Bindings (User) are: { "keys": ["ctrl+alt+d"], "command": "delete_edit" }, { "keys": ["ctrl+alt+h"], "command": "toggle_edits" }, { "keys": ["ctrl+alt+j"], "command": "quick_edits" }, { "keys": ["ctrl+alt+k"], "command": "prev_edit_line" }, { "keys": ["ctrl+alt+l"], "command": "next_edit_line" }, { "keys": ["ctrl+alt+m"], "command": "list_all_edits" }, { "keys": ["ctrl+alt+c"], "command": "create_edit" }

CURRENT LIMITATIONS: Mulitple Undo, Redo can disturb the edit-history. Use Create or Delete edit-region to correct this. This is a consequence of the STI-API behaviour.

Multi-select will only remember the first selection area.

It doesn't include automatically inserted tabs, matched brackets or quotes within the current edit region. Therefore, the edit-region may be split into several edits, and/or the region may end before it should. What I'm doing is pressing Ctrl-Alt-H (or using my shortcut menu) to toggle highlighting of the edits. Regardless of this highlighting step, I can select the whole area and use Ctrl-Alt-C to define it as a single edit-region. I can do this at any time and it has the advantage that I can explicitly define the start and end points of the edit region.

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