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Sublime Text 2 Completions
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CSS and JavaScript completions for Sublime Text 2. Installation just requires copying the 
file(s) to your User or CSS/JavaScript folder within Sublime\Packages.

It is recommended to adjust the setting "auto_complete_delay" to prevent the completions 
(particularly the JS ones) not appearing too quickly.

With the JS completions, typing, for example 'aler' for 'window.alert()' will automatically 
pre-pend 'window'. However, typing 'mywin.aler' will just complete 'alert()'.

The CSS completions will complete many values for you. For example, the border property 
allows you to type the single letter 'm' for medium, 't' for 'thin' and 'th' for 'thick'. 
There are many such abbreviations.

Another example: Using the 'borderwidth4' trigger, if you type '10px' it will write 
'10px px px px' and you can tab to the other three positions to add the number of pixels. 
If you don't want pixels for all four then you should modify it once you've tabbed out of 
the completion.

When, for example, typing a color you might type 'b' and it will change to 'blue'. Continue 
typing 'bl' and it will change to 'black', but if you press Backspace it will revert to 'blue'.

    overflow: Hidden/Scroll/Auto/Visible;

 - the capital letters indicate that pressing, for example, 'h' will complete the word 'hidden'. 
(You don't have to type them in capitals, this is just the notation used to confirm the letters 
you need to type.) Again, you can press Backspace and type a different letter and it will correct 
the value for you.

My Wiki contains some more information for the different completion files.
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