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These are fairly straight-forward HTML attribute completions for 
Sublime Text, including most HTML5 attributes.

It includes completion of many standard values. For example, typing 
the letter 'c' in the type="" attribute will complete "checkbox". 
If you Backspace and enter the letter 't' it will be replaced 
with "text". "text/css" and "text/javascript" for the type- 
attribute are inserted by typing 'j' or 'cs' within the quotes.

There are two versions for some boolean attributes. For example:

Depending on your settings you may need to press Ctrl-Space to 
display the completions within an opening HTML-tag. I just type 
1 or 2 letters and press the Tab key! This uses the fuzzy-search 
feature of ST, and ST will also 'learn' about your preferences. 
With a little practice you can fill-in attributes extremely 

Note: The Emmet (formerly ZenCoding) package uses a different 
approach, so it may not sit comfortably with HTMLAttributes.