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Quick printing (no formatting) of the current view, 
or current selection (if any). There are settings 
to add blank lines at the top or bottom, indent from 
the left, start with the filename and add page or 
line numbers.

NB I do not know if this works on anything other 
than Windows - feedback is required!

[Note: On Windows the Console will flash open 
on occasion.]
[.txt files are added to the users' TEMP folder 
for each view printed.]

Windows: Make a note of your computer-name and the 
printer-name. Add these values to the package settings 
(although the computer-name can be omitted). In the 
settings you can also specify a port other than LPT1.
linux/osx: It should print to the default printer, 
although you can specify a "queue" setting - being 
the queue or printer name.

You will possibly have to configure your printers' 
settings to accept TEXT input, particularly if 
printing to a .pdf generator. On Windows you can 
use the setting "use_notepad": true; in which case 
it will use your default printer without requiring 
any configuration!

The print option appears in the context-menu, or you 
can add a key-binding for the command "quick_print".
[I prefer to use the context-menu because, if it 
appears in the file menu, then users would probably 
anticipate a dialog or print-preview to appear.]

In the settings you can optionally specify:
how many blank lines to add at the top of each page;
whether to start printing with the full filename;
number of spaces to be added on the left;
the number of lines to print per page;
How many blank lines (at the bottom) before printing 
the page number. (If omitted, or false, the page 
numbers will not be added.);
whether to print line numbers.

Using my_cmd and my_cmd_end you can configure your 
own command-line to be applied to the temporary 
.txt file that is generated. Perhaps to use Wordpad, 
or add command-line arguments for an application or 
pdf creator.

There is also a "quick_print_reset" command (for 
Windows only) which reassigns LPT1 (or your chosen 
port) to your named printer. I use a key-binding 
to run this command.