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An open source conference submission and review system. We've been using and enhancing this systems since AgileBrazil 2010.
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Conference Submission System Build Status Dependency Status Code Climate Test Coverage

This is an open-source conference submission system, built in Rails and has been used for the Agile Brazil conference since 2010. Some of the features supported are:

  • User registration
  • User profiles
  • Support for I18N (currently supports: en, pt-br)
  • Conference tracks, audience levels, and different session types
  • Session submission
  • Comments on sessions
  • Phases and deadlines (submission, early review, review, program compilation)
  • E-mail notifications
  • Track organizers
  • Reviewers
  • Adding reviews and feedback to authors
  • Review decisions of acceptance/rejection and e-mail publishing
  • More...


If you have a bug or a feature request, please create a issue here:


Thanks to all our contributors! The core team is:


The conference submission system is released under the MIT license. See LICENSE for details.

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