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Commits on Dec 19, 2014
  1. Hugo Corbucci
  2. Hugo Corbucci

    Upgrading jquery-ui-rails

    hugocorbucci authored
    Nothing specific about this one but good for upgrading jquery-rails when
    issue #114 is done.
  3. Hugo Corbucci

    Upgrading capistrano

    hugocorbucci authored
    Yet another step for #114
  4. Hugo Corbucci

    Upgrading formtastic

    hugocorbucci authored
    Can't get rid of the action_class and input_class deprecations until
    finishing #114. Will need to update the formtastic initializer to add
    the input class and action class initializers as explained in
  5. Hugo Corbucci

    Upgrading devise

    hugocorbucci authored
    I18n got an upgrade which forced to declare available locales. But it
    also fixed the need of the initializer and we're back to having
    everything in the rails application configuration block.
  6. Hugo Corbucci

    Upgrading doorkeeper

    hugocorbucci authored
  7. Hugo Corbucci

    Fixing travis build.

    hugocorbucci authored
    For some reason running tests on travis needs the asset group
  8. Hugo Corbucci
  9. Hugo Corbucci
  10. Hugo Corbucci

    Switching to Konacha from Jasmine.

    hugocorbucci authored
    Should help with #114.
    Also better than jasmine.
Commits on Dec 18, 2014
  1. Hugo Corbucci

    Updating gems that should be easy to update

    hugocorbucci authored
    No major changes on any of those it seems.
  2. Hugo Corbucci
  3. Hugo Corbucci
Commits on Dec 10, 2014
  1. Hugo Corbucci
  2. Hugo Corbucci
  3. Hugo Corbucci
Commits on Nov 5, 2014
  1. Hugo Corbucci

    Adding audience limit for issue #153

    hugocorbucci authored
    It is important for attendees to know that certain sessions have a
    limited number of attendees.
    Adding audience limit so that the schedule can show such sessions.
Commits on Oct 25, 2014
  1. Hugo Corbucci

    Closes #164

    hugocorbucci authored
    Just allows for requests to be made as JS with a 'callback' parameter to
    allow for cross-domain requests.
Commits on Oct 8, 2014
  1. Hugo Corbucci

    Adding link to download accepted sessions CSV

    hugocorbucci authored
    Put it behind authorization since it includes author's emails.
    The previous accepted sessions was not showing sessions. It should be
    decomissioned as this moves to another application. Once done this
    controller (accepted_sessions) can be seriously improved.
    This closes #163.
  2. Hugo Corbucci

    Closes issue #161

    hugocorbucci authored
    Quite some changes in the way to view your own reviews but pretty much
    includes the same information plus the feedback.
    Also re-used the idea of presenting a summary of all session data in the
    organizer feedback visualization to better use space.
    Also did a small performance improvement in the reviews visualization
Commits on Oct 7, 2014
  1. Hugo Corbucci

    Alignment and sorting improvement for #159

    hugocorbucci authored
    This is just a short improvement due to the new css changes when there
    is much data.
  2. Hugo Corbucci

    Closes #159

    hugocorbucci authored
    This improves the view on the details page and should be enough to sum
    up #159 for now.
    Any other requirements will have to be handled in other issues.
  3. Hugo Corbucci

    Replacing UTF-8 with images

    hugocorbucci authored
    Linux (and probably windows) is not a huge fan of UTF-8 extra characters
    yet. The thumbs-up/down are still the ALT in case the image doesn't load
    in the hopes that, some day, UTF-8 will be known and embraced
    This closes issue #159 unless @ceci needs something else.
  4. Hugo Corbucci

    Fixing problem with reviewer show page

    hugocorbucci authored
    Local dev and pre-prod didn't catch the fact that EarlyReviews didn't
    have recommendation and that breaks the preloading of recommendations in
    the controller for Issue #159.
  5. Hugo Corbucci

    Step 2 for Issue #159.

    hugocorbucci authored
    This shows a summary of each reviewer's reviews and associated feedback.
    Will need feedback from @ceci but this should be a good start.
    If all is good for now, I'll use a similar page for reviewers to get
    their feedback as well.
Commits on Oct 6, 2014
  1. Hugo Corbucci

    Step 1 for Issue #159

    hugocorbucci authored
    Allows to see at least for organizers the number of feedbacks
    positives/negatives on a given reviewer. Not showing to reviewers yet.
    Next step is to create the reviewer show page with more information
    about the reviews and feedbacks collected for those.
Commits on Oct 5, 2014
  1. Hugo Corbucci

    Still working on reviewer invitation process

    hugocorbucci authored
    It is now easier to invite people that were reviewers in previous
    conferences. This is mostly how organizers will be able to check on
    feedback given to reviewers (for issue #159) so that they can get a
    sense of how people are doing.
    Next steps are:
    1) Improve this new page as well as the reviewer 'My reviews' page to
    provide an overview of the feedback received.
    2) Create the reviewer show page that will have detailed information on
    the feedback as well as their reviews. Link that from the summarized
    previous view.
Commits on Oct 2, 2014
  1. Hugo Corbucci

    Refactoring reviewers view.

    hugocorbucci authored
    This will help making #159 easier to implement.
    Now that all is ajax and the form is simpler, I can use the form to show
    the results of the feedback and use the show path to provide details on
    each reviewer.
  2. Hugo Corbucci

    Close #53

    hugocorbucci authored
    Will only remove the role overall if all reviewer instances for a user
    are removed. The effect is the same however since user.rb overwrites the
    behavior to consider the current conference when evaluating if the user
    is a reviewer.
Commits on Sep 30, 2014
  1. Hugo Corbucci

    Returning 404 on #153 if absent

    hugocorbucci authored
    Was giving 500 when the session couldn't be found.
    Returning 404 is much better.
  2. Hugo Corbucci

    Fixing build.

    hugocorbucci authored
    Tags can be in any order depending on how the DB and seeds are
    populated. Just force the order to be alphabetical to make it easier for
  3. Hugo Corbucci

    Close #153.

    hugocorbucci authored
    Json extension is the default so no need to expect it.
    Removed the super class API Controller as it didn't make sense for the
    Migrated the gravatar_url to the application controller since it was
    needed for the JSON.
    Show only for now. Will probably want an API for accepted sessions for a
    given conference at some point. And maybe an RSS feed URL to listen for
    changes on those sessions/conference. Will have to create another issue
    for that.
Commits on Sep 29, 2014
  1. Hugo Corbucci

    Closes issue #160

    hugocorbucci authored
    This was stopping authors that had cancelled proposals from submitting
Commits on Sep 26, 2014
  1. Hugo Corbucci

    Fixing user registration

    hugocorbucci authored
    Devise is compatible with rails 4 strong parameters. It detects if
    strong parameters are available and, if so, it uses that to filter which
    parameters should be allowed to go through the registration and sign in
    pages. As I added strong parameters (the gem) for issue #101, devise
    stopped accepting our custom parameters for user registrations.
    This allows them to be set.
  2. Hugo Corbucci

    Closes #101.

    hugocorbucci authored
    Ended up restrincting only one feedback per author per conference.
    Reporting, save/update and viewing feedbacks will be handled in new
    issues whenever needed.
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