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Lithology and stratigraphic logs for wells or outcrop.
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Lithology and stratigraphic logs for wells and outcrop.



These are best installed with Anaconda, see Install, below.


  • pip install striplog

I recommend setting up a virtual environment:

  • Install Anaconda if you don't have it already

  • Then do this to create an environment called myenv (or whatever you like), answering Yes to the confirmation question:

    conda create -n myenv python=3.5 numpy matplotlib
    source activate myenv
  • Then you can do:

    pip install striplog

Development: setting up for testing

There are other requirements for testing, as listed in They should install with:

python test

But I had better luck doing conda install pytest first.

The tests can be run with:


Development: running the bleeding edge

To run the latest version of the code, you should be on the develop branch:

git clone cd striplog git checkout develop

You probably want to continue in your virtual environment (see above).

Then I use these commands, which you can join with ; if you like, to keep the software up to date:

/usr/bin/yes | pip uninstall striplog # Of course you don't need this one if you didn't install it yet. python sdist pip install dist/striplog-0.6.1.tar.gz # Or whatever was the last version to build.

SciPy 2015

Here's a presentation about Striplog.

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