forked from alvaroloes/ocgen

The Objective C code generator. Focus on the interesting and pleasant things, let the boring ones be auto generated

Updated Oct 15, 2015

Scala 0 61


forked from softwaremill/codebrag

Your daily code review tool

Updated Oct 1, 2015


forked from grzlus/savon

Heavy metal SOAP client

Updated Jul 4, 2015

ApacheConf 0 1


forked from rikvanderkemp/lamp-5.4

Docker (dev) Lamp Stack for PHP 5.4

Updated Oct 30, 2014

Ruby 0 6


forked from javiertoledo/spanish_vat_validators

Provides validators for spanish VAT numbers (NIF, CIF and NIE)

Updated Sep 21, 2014

Ruby 3 2


forked from javiertoledo/provincias

Provides a Provincia class to search for spanish province names with numeric ids to link to your application data.

Updated Dec 12, 2013


forked from exercism/exercism.io

Exercises with crowd-sourced code reviews. The gem repo is at http://github.com/kytrinyx/exercism

Updated Aug 12, 2013