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Tech radar

You can access a preview of the radar here.

What ?

The Radar is a document that sets out the changes that are currently interesting regarding software development.
It is published by a company called Thoughtworks.
You can find more information about it here.

Why ?

We have developed this radar because we want to document the usage of technologies in our company in an easy way. People who wants to document something just need to push a new md file in the repository.



How to use it ?

The tech radar is built based on the elements specified in the jekyll collections define in the _config.yml file.

So, to add content to the radar :

  • Create a new md file under the desired category folder
    • _languages-frameworks
    • _platforms
    • _techniques
    • _tools
  • Add meta data to the file (in the front matter ---)
    • layout: details
    • filename: [name of the md file]
    • name: [title of the page]
    • image: [relative image url]
    • category: [languages-frameworks or _platforms or techniques or tools]
    • ring: [Adopt or Can Use or Assess or Deprecated]

Once you have created a new file, you can push it. The related item will be presented on the radar.

Update the radar javascript

The javascript source code of the radar is available here :

To integrate the built code you have to :

  • Add front matter at the top of the html file
    title: Radar
    layout: radar
  • Add front matter at the top of the main.js file

Setup your dev environment

gem install bundler
bundle install

Serve the radar with jekyll

bundle exec jekyll serve

Build the radar with jekyll

bundle exec jekyll build


To configure the radar you need to set the url property of the _config.yml file :

url: "https://[your-user]"

Serve the radar with Docker

docker-compose up

Docker build image

docker build -t tech-radar .
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