Review proposals

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Register for reviewing proposals

If you are attending this year's Agile Tour Vienna (including as a speaker), you can play a part in deciding which sessions should make it onto the final program. To participate, register an account at

Once you have been accepted onto the review board, you will be able to give feedback on the proposals that have been submitted. Please consider that this process is not automatic, and it can thus take a few days until you receive an answer.

Use Easychair to add reviews

Once you have received your acceptance email, visit and log in or create an account, with the same email address you used to register.

  1. Log in to Easychair (

    Easychair Login

  2. Select your role as a program committee member:

    Select Role

  3. Select Reviews | All papers from the menu:

    Show all proposals

  4. Click on the plus icon next to a submission to add a review:

    Add reviews to proposals

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