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WordPress plugin to integrate Content Views with CiviCRM using the Data Processor extension
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Content Views CiviCRM with CiviCRM Data Processor

Plugin for integrating Content Views with CiviCRM using the CiviCRM Data Processor as the data source.

CiviCRM Data Processor must be installed in the CiviCRM site to use this integration with WordPress and CiviCRM.

A quick guide to set up a data processor to be used in content views:

  • add a data processor
  • select your data sources
  • add an api output
  • select the fields, must include a field named id and a field named title (the field named id won't be displayed)
  • select the filters - uncheck the exposed flag if you don't want it to be a live filter
  • (optional) set default value for filters
  • order the fields and filters in the way you want
  • save it

Then, you can go to content views and select civicrm content type. You will find it under the data processor dropdown. Preview it!

Features with Content Views Pro

CVP provides live filters to end user. This plugin will convert the filters in DP into CVP live filters.

Add a live filter for contact name

  • add a filter to the data processor
  • the filter field is contact id
  • give whatever the title you want
  • change the name to contact_name_search
  • save it


This plugin is still WIP.

Apply the patch patches/filter.patch to the Content Views plugin. It will hide unused settings in the filter settings tab.

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