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import re
from django import forms
from parsley.widgets import ParsleyChoiceFieldRendererMixin
(forms.URLField, "url"),
(forms.EmailField, "email"),
(forms.IntegerField, "digits"),
(forms.DecimalField, "number"),
(forms.FloatField, "number"),
("min_length", "minlength"),
("max_length", "maxlength"),
("min_value", "min"),
("max_value", "max"),
def update_widget_attrs(field, prefix='data'):
attrs = field.widget.attrs
if field.required:
if isinstance(field.widget, forms.widgets.RadioSelect):
# Use a mixin, to try and support non-standard renderers if possible
class ParsleyChoiceFieldRenderer(ParsleyChoiceFieldRendererMixin, field.widget.renderer):
parsley_namespace = prefix
field.widget.renderer = ParsleyChoiceFieldRenderer
attrs["{prefix}-required".format(prefix=prefix)] = "true"
error_message = field.error_messages.get('required', None)
if error_message:
attrs["{prefix}-required-message".format(prefix=prefix)] = error_message
if isinstance(field, forms.RegexField):
attrs.update({"{prefix}-pattern".format(prefix=prefix): field.regex.pattern})
error_message = field.error_messages.get('invalid', None)
if error_message:
attrs["{prefix}-pattern-message".format(prefix=prefix)] = error_message
if field.regex.flags & re.IGNORECASE:
attrs.update({"{prefix}-regexp-flag".format(prefix=prefix): "i"})
if isinstance(field, forms.MultiValueField):
for subfield in field.fields:
# Set {prefix}-* attributes for parsley based on Django field attributes
for attr, data_attr, in FIELD_ATTRS:
if getattr(field, attr, None):
attrs["{prefix}-{0}".format(data_attr, prefix=prefix)] = getattr(field, attr)
error_message = field.error_messages.get(attr, None)
if error_message:
attrs["{prefix}-{0}-message".format(data_attr, prefix=prefix)] = error_message
# Set {prefix}-type attribute based on Django field instance type
for klass, field_type in FIELD_TYPES:
if isinstance(field, klass):
attrs["{prefix}-type".format(prefix=prefix)] = field_type
error_message = field.error_messages.get('invalid', None)
if error_message:
attrs["{prefix}-type-message".format(field_type, prefix=prefix)] = error_message
def parsleyfy(klass):
"A decorator to add {prefix}-* attributes to your form.fields"
old_init = klass.__init__
def new_init(self, *args, **kwargs):
old_init(self, *args, **kwargs)
prefix = getattr(getattr(self, 'Meta', None), 'parsley_namespace', 'data-parsley')
for _, field in self.fields.items():
update_widget_attrs(field, prefix)
extras = getattr(getattr(self, 'Meta', None), 'parsley_extras', {})
for field_name, data in extras.items():
for key, value in data.items():
if field_name not in self.fields:
attrs = self.fields[field_name].widget.attrs
if key == 'equalto':
# Use HTML id for {prefix}-equalto
value = '#' + self[value].id_for_label
if isinstance(value, bool):
value = "true" if value else "false"
attrs["{prefix}-%s".format(prefix=prefix) % key] = value
klass.__init__ = new_init
return klass
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